This project aims to peer into the world of the Gay sex culture within Britain, with an emphasis on subculture fashion.

In the 1990’s Ruth Holiday conducted research into the way Gay men and women presented themselves in certain social situations. Through video diaries each individual expressed why at a particular point of the day he or she wore certain clothing to express their identity.  Individuals often wore a Uniform (metaphoric and literal) to conform to a social group and feel ‘Comfort in Identity’.

It is noted that the subcultures of Gay men grew hand in hand with classifications of Gay Internet Pornography. Sub-genres such as Bear, Twink and Scally have each produced a recognisable identity that Gay men have chosen to fashion. Within recent years the connection between the average Gay male and Porn has become even more cemented as through technological advancement more males are using the Internet and 'smart phone's to present themselves as a product to be consumed. This pornification of gay man interlinks with porn sub-genres, with males labeling themselves to be apart of this sexual identity.

In Britain through applications such as Grindr and Websites like Manhunt and Gaydar, both old and young men, create advert for them selves and also pick other men’s adverts with the end result being a trade in the commodity of sex.

It is my intention to look into how men present themselves for this exchange and exploit stereotypes to become a sexual commodity for others.

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